Cambridge Satchel — the new fetish

Cambridge Satchel — the new fetish

Today the legendary models from the Satchel fashion brand are available to сustomers all around Europe. Every Satchel bag is handmade in the UK, and if you want you can even make it exclusive by embossing your initials or anything else on it. Today you can quickly and easily buy the Satchel bags on this website.

Women appreciated the rational design of the bags as long ago as in the XVII century, but the casual Satchel bag got access to the world of high fashion only due to the effort of the enterprising English woman Julie Deane from Cambridge, who managed to express the mood of the stylish academic youth in the design of the striking bag Cambridge Satchel that has become an immutable attribute of the modern city style.

Cambridge Satchel — the choice of blogosphere

The fantastic history of the brand Cambridge Satchel should be included in marketing students’ books as an outstanding example of online promotion. Prior to becoming the head of the corporation the Cambridge Satchel Company, Mrs. Deane had a plain living of a British housewife. She couldn’t afford a massive promotion campaign. Actually, Julie began to make bags because one day she found out that she had no means for buying a new schoolbag for her daughter.

It was the Internet that made Julie Deane’s handcraft famous, and when the bags labeled Cambridge Satchel filled popular blogs and social networks, celebrities had nothing left to do but to catch up with the trend.

Today the legendary models from the trendy brand are available all around Europe. Every bag from the brand Cambridge Satchel is hand-made in England, and you can make it exclusive through embossing your initials or whatever you like on it if you wish. Today you can purchase Satchel bags on this website quickly and easily.

About the company

The company Cambridge Satchel was founded by the British woman Julie Deane back in 2008. The first bag was accounted for her schoolgirl-daughter. After the first successful experience, the woman made the decision to sew handmade bags for sale. Today the production available under this brand is very popular all around the world, and you can buy Satchel bags at affordable prices in our online shop. We offer both women’s and men’s models of the Satchel bag that are already known all over the world as the new IT-bag.

The model range

Our online shop offers a wide assortment of stylish and elegant Satchel bags. One of the most popular models is «Classic» that can be made in size 15, 14, 13 or 11 inches. The model with a handle is only represented in the size of 15 inches.

The bag in the form of a school satchel that got the name «Cambridge» is a universal variant for active girls, a stylish and comfortable accessory. Here you can also buy the Satchel bags «Neon», «Combined» and other models made of leather in different tints. Every model can be decorated with an embossing of your initials or any other inscription. The embossing can be made in different colours: gold, silver, black or blind (with no colouring).

Laconic and stylish bags are not only roomy and comfortable. Such an accessory will perfectly suit trendy beauties who carefully mind their image and opt for unique things capable of reflecting their personality, refined taste and exquisite sense of style.

By the way, Satchel bags are sewed not only for women, but also for stylish and modern men that follow the fashion and always aim at looking stylish and elegant. The men’s briefcase Satchel will perfectly suit both business and sports style. Such an accessory does not only look perfect, it also has room for everything you need: keys, a mobile phone, work documents and other things preserving the perfect state of the items.

On the website of our online shop you can buy a Satchel bag with delivery — a great present for a friend, someone close and, of course, for yourself. Have a nice shopping!

Intellectual chic

The bag Cambridge Satchel is based on the practical construction of the Cambridge students’ satchels — roomy enough to place all the things necessary for studying and compact enough not to seem bulky.

Similar to all the bags of satchel type, Mrs. Deane’s invention belongs to casual style, however, every model from the series Cambridge Satchel Сlassic can fit in an everyday business look. A reserved colour solution creates an intellectual image of an established professional, and the high-quality leather lets you claim your status, preserving the modest charm of self-sufficiency. Handcraft and spectacular decoration of the bag with small chains and buckles of original shape gives every article an individual look.

In the streets you can also meet other interpretations of Cambridge chic: for example, Cambridge Satchel music bags, youth sport Satchel bags, bags of extravagant colours from the series «Neon» and combined articles made from leather of different colours. Whatever model you choose  the bright charm of the brand won’t let you get lost in the crowd!

You can buy the Cambridge Satchel bag in the catalogue of our online shop

Satchel bags suit English style well. The British clothing style has been considered a master sample of quality, beauty and utility for many years.

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