Colours of Satchel bags

Colours of Satchel bags

An informal Satchel bag doesn’t prescribe anything to a woman: casual style gives unlimited freedom of choice letting you find your own unique colour on the diverse colour palette.

For the stately and business-like

There is always at least one Satchel bag made of natural leather in a conservative hue like black, chocolate or oxblood in the wardrobe of a businesswoman. You can choose a bag of a more original tint to match your suit, but you still should stick to reserved colour scale — grey, sandy or beige. If a plain colour solution is too boring for you, a low key pattern can liven up your bag a little bit.

The latest fashion hit is bags adorned with decorative patches made of patent or stamped leather. Light patches are usually chosen to match a blouse, the dark ones — to match your lipstick or an accessory that plays the role of a bright spot — a scarf, a brooch etc.

For the romantic and dreamy

You can discern a casual model from a classic Satchel bag judging not only by colour, but also by a slouchy silhouette (Slouchy Satchel): the abundance of folds optimises the rendering of complicated hues like ink, light-crimson, woody, soil etc.

During the holiday season glossy magasines actively promoted Satchel bags in tender pastel tints. It is even better if such a bag is decorated with a small floral print, but romantic accessories are quite demanding when it goes to clothes: they look best combined with light summer dresses.

Do you mostly have bright trousers-based combinations in your wardrobe? Then you should pay attention to Satchel bags in rich colours: yellow, orange, red, blue, turquoise, light-green. Satchel bags in hippie style decorated with fringe and ethnic prints or models made of colourful leather patches would suit denim clothing.

Glamorous girls and vamps opt for minimised copies of the classic Satchel in bold tropical hues: rich exotic colours and bright animalistic prints easily transform a mini Satchel bag into the highlight of a stylish evening look.

The diversity of Satchel bag models lets you choose them thoroughly to match any attire, combine them with other accessories and shoes right. Here you can read how to combine a Satchel bag with shoes right.

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