Satchel bags: classics that is always in

Satchel bags: classics that is always in

The Satchel bag that became a real trend in the latest season is an accessory that should be in the wardrobe of every person who follows the latest fashion trends.

Initially Satchel bags were created as an original mix of a briefcase and a school satchel: it was convenient to carry documents, a laptop and other things without which it is hard to imagine everyday life in such a bag with hard bottom. The accessory has one or several compartments and many small pockets. However, designers gave new life to the Satchel model. Today this bag that has preserved its essential features such as a long shoulder strap, two handles, soft sides and a hard bottom, has its place in the collection of almost every couturier.

The models vary in size from tiny ones, which are no bigger than a clutch, to roomy trunk-like bags. At the same time the bag preserves the shape of the classic school satchel. Such an accessory, the style of which can be defined as unisex, would be a great addition to nearly any men’s or women’s look. You just need to choose the right size and colour of the bag.

Cambridge Satchel — the reflection of your style!

The satchels from the famous British brand The Cambridge Satchel Company have become a real fetish in the latest season. Even though traditional British style is associated with primness and reserve, the founder of the brand managed to amaze and conquer all the world fashion community with her new collection.

Invented by Julie Deane for her schoolgirl daughter only six years ago, the bag has preserved the main features of the traditional British school satchel: it is of classic rectangular shape, has a hard bottom and a shoulder strap. The front side of the accessory is decorated with thin leather straps, that make the model look refined and noble.

Today the Satchel collection is represented by leather bags made in reserved colours: purple, brown, black and oxblood accessories perfectly suit business suits. Meanwhile the Satchels of strong, bright colours like acid green, canary yellow and pink have given zest to the collection. Such accessories can make any look bright. You can read more about colours of the Satchels here.

Today you can buy a Satchel bag all around Europe by placing an order online. Of course, there are many local designers who offer various models of satchels all around Europe, but those who look for handmade models from the brand that has become legendary will find them on our website

Satchel is convenient, stylish and modern. Such a bag will highlight any look.

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