The Satchel bag — a great choice for a bike ride

The Satchel bag — a great choice for a bike ride

Women’s and men’s Satchel bags are models with a hard flat bottom and soft sides. They resemble a schoolbag with their fasteners and patch pockets. They can have an unusual style and become a part of a business, casual or evening outfit as well.

The classic variants of usage of satchels are study or office work, attending informal events, everyday meetings with friends. However, the versatility of the bag is not limited with this. The diversity of models lets it be a great accessory for admirers of bike rides!

Why Satchel?

A satchel bag and a bike… Sounds quite unusual, but intriguing. Of course, this accessory is hardly appropriate for sport or mountain bikes or extreme rides, but it will look comfortable and stylish on everyday rides.

A bicycle is a popular means of transport. In many countries people prefer it for going to work, doing shopping, riding in a park, thus building up their health and sparing themselves from the necessity of constant sitting in traffic jams. It’s important that the bike looks stylish and is really comfortable.

You should steer your bike with both hands, but you also need some place to put the things you need for work or for something else — and here the satchel can help you. In general, using it for bike rides has the following advantages:

  • the universal style of the bag lets you preserve the intended image after you leave your bike at a bike rack. The bag won’t give your outfit a sport touch or demand exchange under the conditions of an office or a walk, which cannot be said about big backpacks or belt bags;

  • the comfortable design doesn’t let the satchel bag hinder you from steering the bicycle;

  • the classic and roomy bag will help you to take everything necessary for a bike ride with you;

  • the satchel lets you create a bright and stylish look that gives you an opportunity to express yourself and draw the attention of the people around you.

Learn more about what types of the Satchel bags suit men and women.

Satchel is stylish, comfortable and modern. Such a bag would highlight any look.

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