Unique quality — the main argument in favour of the Satchel bags

Unique quality — the main argument in favour of the Satchel bags

When you choose a bag for everydayuse, the never-ending argument between utility and beauty turns into a hard-edged fight. The only way to reach truce is to opt for the Satchel bag. High quality of leather, firm metal findings, elaborate ergonomics of the item — the basics of elegance in use.


The model of the classic Satchel bag almost hasn’t changed since the XVIIth century, when a wave of oriental trends first drew the attention of ladies’ fashion to eastern esthetics of functional perfection. Any attempt to improve the ideal destroys the harmony of the item: why overload the bag, the main advantage of which is in its perfect matching its purpose, with details? 

Since then the main decoration of the branded Satchel bag has been the distinctive leather texture that visualises the high manufacturing quality. In most cases the Satchel bags are made of hard sorts of calve skin that let the article hold its form well. Due to the hard bottom and thick sides of the bag all the documents reach the boss’s desk in perfect state: you won’t find a single fold on them even if you try hard!

Train hard, use easy

The leather used by the leading accessory brands for the production of the Satchel bags will always be ahead of textile and leather-cloth when it goes to density characteristics.

The leather Satchel can endure rain and snow leaving the contents of the bag dry even when it pours cats and dogs. When it’s hot, the bag doesn’t leave annoying stains on light clothes because the most sunfast dyes that don’t cause allergy are used for padding of the leather.

Firmly sewn stitches and reliable zips are so safe that they won’t break under any circumstances. You can also avoid being afraid that the shoulder strap will tear apart: straps and handles are adjusted with metallic rings that can sustain pending loads up to 10 kilos in weigh.

The Satchel bag is one of the few stylish accessories that maintain their dignity under the conditions of severe reality, which is hopelessly far from the blossoming world of glamorous parties and fashion shows. There is no match for the English Satchel bag in everyday life! The Satchel has become a fashion fetish and an eternal classic long ago! You can buy these bags at very affordable prices on our website thesatchelbag.com.

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