Variants of names of the Satchel bags

Variants of names of the Satchel bags

The word «satchel» was originally used to refer to a school satchel — a bag with double handles, a fastening flap and a shoulder strap. Since the court beauties from the baroque age introduced the classic Satchel bags into fashion, designers’ imagination has been persistently practicing in inventing variations of the classics. The name of the model can give you a hint on what variation it is.

Briefcase: a lady’s best friend

A men’s briefcase and the ladies’ Satchel bag have much more in common than it may seem at first sight: both accessories were created in the image and likeness of the hard loculus-satchels that replaced shapeless kitbags for Byzantine legionaries.As women got access to the highest executive posts, the Satchel bag had to replace its convenient shoulder strap with a hard handle. The bag that appeared as a result of this was named «аttaché» or simply «ladies’ briefcase».

Elegant negligence

Street fashion added a soft Slouchy Satchel bag with a more loose silhouette than the classic models have to the modern girl’s wardrobe. The bag Slouchy Satchel doesn’t maintain its shape very firmly and can look a little bit baggy, but it never loses its feminine charm.

Another stylish accessory that women borrowed from military wardrobe — the Surplus bag, which is also designed for wearing over the shoulder, — hasn’t gone far from the Satchel bag. The informal models are sewn from close fabric and are often decorated with colourful patches; more formal variants suitable for office are produced from leather or leather-cloth of high quality.

Variants for the young

Among the sportive youth the so called Messenger’s bag is very popular — it is a roomy rectangular bag with a wide shoulder strap, the inner side of which is equipped with soft pads in order to decrease the pressure on the shoulder.

The ever-young hippie subculture has developed its own original view on the Satchel bag, having started to wear it on the waist. This is how the miniature waist bag with flap fastening Fanny Pack appeared — it is funny and practical at the same time.

The great diversity of Satchel bags won’t leave anyone behind: it’s possible to find a suitable accessory for any lifestyle!

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