Do Satchel bags suit a dress?

Do Satchel bags suit a dress?

Satchel bags have already maintained their popularity throughout several seasons. They are an integral part of the wardrobe of schoolgirls and students, business ladies, and, what’s more, they are in demand among women who value beauty and utility in things. The main peculiarity of the Satchel bag is its design resembling a schoolbag. Flat bottom and soft sides, plenty of compartments, convenient handles and bright colour solutions  everything a real fashionista who is used to have everything at hand needs. Today’s assortment of Satchel bags impresses with its diversity. Apart from the classic leather models, you can find even textile or straw accessories in a plain colour solution or with bright prints, embroidery, ribbons and other decorative elements. Such a choice lets you advantageously сombine Satchel with nearly any clothes including trendy dresses. The main thing is to bear in mind several expert pieces of advice regarding the creation of an ideal look.

Combining a dress with the Satchel bag in a right way

The question about whether you can combine Satchel bags with a dress can be answered with a decisive yes. However, wearing such a combination you should remember the following:

  • such bags are an excellent solution for study or office work, therefore they suit dresses of business cut well. At the same time, formal style in its classic form requires to use more strict accessories then the Satchel bag;

  • it is desirable to choose a more fine bag to wear with an evening gown on a festive occasion, however, the Satchel is also sometimes used for creating an extraordinary image if it is allowed by the rules of decorum and the dress code of the event;

  • when it goes to combinations with more sportive dresses (in the meaning «less classic») and casual occasions, Satchel bags can be used almost without restrictions. The main rule is that the look should be really well-balanced;

  • you should choose the colour, the size and the model of the bag based on the colour set of the clothes and other accessories so that all the elements match each other. Besides, you should consider the planned function of the bag  if it is purely decorative (a bag for little things that can be smaller) or practical.

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