How to choose shoes for the Satchel bags?

How to choose shoes for the Satchel bags?

The Satchel bags are one of the most stylish and practical accessories. Having firmly taken its place in the collections of designers around the world and in the wardrobes of modern women, this accessory is not going to yield it to anything else.

The unchanged trait of Satchel is the fact that the bag has soft walls and a flat hard bottom, the combination of which makes the accessory not only interesting-looking, but also quite roomy. Other design features can vary in a lot of diverse ways. Thus, the bags can have one long or two short straps, can be plain-coloured or have a print, a pattern, an embroidery or other type of decoration on it. They are made of a wide range of different materials.

The diversity of variants of the Satchel bags lets you choose them thoroughly to suit one or another outfit and combine them with other accessories and shoes correctly. The combination with the latter is the most interesting one for us. It is choosing shoes to suit a Satchel that is going to be the topic further on.

Stylists’ recommendations

The core principle of combining a bag with shoes that you should stick to in any case is the harmonicity of the look created with them and the dress code rules. Today nearly any combinations based on this are allowed, however, when you choose shoes to match a Satchel bag, you should stick to the following essential pieces of advice given by experts:

  • you can opt for a bag and shoes of the same colour but made of different materials, for example, suede and plain leather. You shouldn’t combine things made of patent leather with each other  this will encolour even the strictest look with vulgarity;

  • a plain bag would match shoes with a colourful print and vice versa;

  • a bag of any bright colour would match a black or white pair of shoes, while an accessory in pastel hues would match a brown pair;

  • if a Satchel bag has a long strap, it is not desirable to combine it with ballet shoes or other flat shoes;

  • a combination of glossy and matted materials in almost one and the same tint will be a right choice;

  • Satchel bags rich with various details (pockets, chains etc.) wouldn’t look good combined with too simple shoes that don’t have any decorative elements at all;

  • the shoes and the bag can be of different colours, including bright ones, and it is desirable that the colour of one of this items is already present in your clothes.

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