Satchel — your personalised bag

Satchel — your personalised bag

The Satchel bags are a real discovery for any fashion monger. Its hard bottom and soft sides combined with multiple compartments and diverse sizes and shapes make any model produced under this brand a universal solution for both everyday wardrobe and recreation.

In its classic variant Satchel resembles a schoolbag, but a more refined and modern one. This explains the particular popularity of the model among schoolgirls and students. Apart from this, Satchel is sought after by business ladies, stars, bloggers and other people who value the combination of utility and style.

Choosing such a bag, you can not only create an unmatchable look, but also express your identity through colour solutions, decoration elements, sizes, wardrobe combinations etc. However, today the producers offer one more variant of expressing yourself which is even more interesting: you can make your bag personalised, which means unique.

What kind of embossing can there be on a bag?

Any inscription on a Satchel bag has the appearance of an embossing, and in most cases it is made as early as on the stage of production. For example, the famous company Cambridge Satchel accepts orders on its website and performs them by hand when the bag is sewed. The text of the embossing on a Satchel can vary a lot, it only depends on what you wish. A name, initials or a favourite phrase — there are almost no limitations. At that, any inscription does not only make the bag unique, but also performs certain extra «functions». Thus, initials or a name will help you not to loose your Satchel or will even make it easier to get acquainted with people, and a chosen expression will state your attitude to life loud and proud.

Except for the meaning, the embossings also differ in style of performance (for example, the font and the colour). Thus, the company Cambridge Satchel mentioned before offers the following as basic variants:

  • a colourless embossing, that is just a stamped one, a relief inscription on the surface of the bag;

  • a black embossing, which is a classic variant that matches any colour of the bag and is easy to notice;

  • gold and silver embossing options for those who like unconventional approach and bright solutions.

You can buy the original Satchel bags in our online shop.

The exclusive quality of the bags is the main argument for choosing exactly the Satchel style.

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