Women’s bags to fit any taste

The diversity of women’s bag models represented on the accessory market today is impressive: from roomy ones called tote to miniature clutches. During the recent several years one more variant has been at the height of its popularity, and it’s the women’s Satchel bag. It resembles a schoolbag very much, which is not surprising if you take into account the history of its creation. Many people know that the women’s Satchel bag was invented by a humble British woman who needed some finance for her daughter’s education. Originally Julie Deane (and it’s her fashionistas should be grateful to) was going to sell her bags outside educational institutions, but soon the popularity of this model spread far outside schools and colleges.

Satchel bags for girls: how to choose the best one

If you want to buy such a model, you should pay your attention to several things. First of all, it is the size of the bag. It depends on what you are going to carry in this bag: if you need it not only as a stylish accessory, but also as a «shelter» for your gadgets or documents, you’d better buy a bigger satchel. If the bag will content a wash bag, keys and a couple of things of that kind, a small variant will be enough. A model to wear on your hips that looks very unusual will also be a great choice.

Remember that an ideal women’s Satchel bag should please you not only with its size, but also with its colour as the colour range of satchels is more than diverse: the admirers of calm hues will value the interesting tone of the model Zatchel Chestnut, while those who like acid colours will manage to find a satchel in such colouring. One more important detail you should pay your attention to while choosing a women’s satchel is its style. Some models only have a shoulder strap; others have short handles, while the shoulder strap is detachable. Decide on how exactly you plan to wear the bag and choose it depending on this.