Classic batchels with a shoulder strap and a carrying handle. Bright and very practical bags. The model is convenient because you can carry it both in your hands and on your shoulder. Pick the colour that suits you best and make your look more interesting.

For those who like high-quality accessories made of high-grade leather it is not necessary to present The Cambridge Satchel Company  the company founded by the inventor of the practical and stylish satchel bags. The brand developed an original model range called Batchels, preserving its best traditions. Originally some hybrid briefcases were produced, their design being inspired by the gentlemen’s classic footwear. However, one absolutely can’t state that the batchel bag is a far too strict or even a dull accessory. Yes, these models are distinguished by strict cut; yes, some popular elements used in footwear design can be traced on them. However, the colour range of this bags is really bright, sometimes even openly bold. Would you like a purple model, a bright green one or a provoking pink bag? You will easily find such variants in this model range.

Batchels — classics in a modern way

It was the classic models of men’s shoes and the Italian palette used by craftsmen from this country when they design the shoes that inspired the creator of the model range the Classic Batchel Rose McNamara. Gradually, the range was filled with some new variants: backpacks designed in the same style, classic size briefcases and, of course, the satchel bags.

Would you like to have a funny and at the same time practical accessory that suits both classic suits and casual outfits? Then you absolutely should buy a bag from the Batchel range. You can do it in our shop at an affordable price.